Our Company

Our vision is to take the word “work” out of “workout”.  We believe through “dance” and “music” we can help you achieve your fitness goals simply by making fitness fun. Similar to the importance of your “core” muscles in connecting your upper and lower body, we believe that our “core” values will connect us in achieving our goals:

DEDICATION: Our passion is to your long-term success in leading a healthier lifestyle.

ACHIEVE: Let us help you achieve your fitness goals…one dance step at a time.

NOW: The time will never be just right…do it now!

COMMUNITY: We are devoted to community involvement and making a difference in the world.

ENERGIZE: Our approach is unique…we exercise your mind, body and spirit.

MOTIVATION: Make it fun…

UNITY: We are in this journey together.

SUCCESS: We measure our success by your success.

INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED: We strive to inspire and be inspired by everyone and everything around us.

COMMITMENT: We are passionate about what we do and are very committed to our stakeholders.

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