“I love Latinva because it is always a lot of fun and a great cardio workout. The routines are very creative and are like no other dance workout program I have ever taken. They are challenging and exciting. The routines include a wide variety of dance moves that will get your heart pumping, and keep you coming back for more!”



“I remember first starting the Latinva dance class years ago and thinking, how will I ever learn to do this. Now, Latinva is the most exciting exercise class that I have ever done. I am amazed and I love what Latinva helps me learn. I am not a dancer, and yet I definitely feel like one in class. I also feel like a kid again, so excited and happy with what I have the ability to do and learn. The instructor breaks the steps down on a simple level, yet when put all together, WOW!”



“I’ve been doing Latinva Dance Fitness for 4 years now and I’m completely addicted. Not only is it a fantastic cardio workout, but after your hour is over you have learned a technical dance routine! Latinva Dance Fitness works your body AND your mind. I love it and you will too!”



“Since I started taking classes in Latinva 20 months ago, my body has been streamlined, creating more strength in all my muscles. In addition to achieving the results with my body I also managed to keep my memory intact, Latinva challenges your mind and that is why it makes you work your intellect.”



“I’m so excited about Latinva Dance Fitness classes! I have so much fun, meet great people, and the time goes by so quickly! Johnny’s upbeat attitude and positive energy keeps you going and feeling great! It’s a painless way to have fun, lose weight, and learn to dance all at once.”



“I have been taking Johnny’s Latinva classes for about 5 months and have become addicted and look forward to the classes every week. The Bachata, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Mambo, Merengue, and Salsa combination is amazing and different from my regular dance classes where we learn a single dance. Not only do I get a great cardio workout, I learn new steps and combinations that I can incorporate in my regular dance. Johnny has the special talent of paying attention to each student and making sure every one of us gets the steps. He moves around to each corner of the room so students can clearly see all the steps and styling.”

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