7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss This Fall


Don’t wait until January to start your weight loss regime, fall is the perfect time to jumpstart your weight loss and kickoff your metabolism. Here’s how to get started:
1) Muscle Up: Lift weights at least 3 times a week. Research shows that you can boost your metabolism by 8% simply with strength training.
2) Get Your Heart Rate Up: The Target Heart Rate Zone (65-85% of Maximum Heart Rate) is recommended for weight loss.
3) Mix Up Your Workout: Diversify your workout, change one move or segment from your workout routine at least weekly.
4) Stay Hydrated: Make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Drink cold water to avoid overeating and to burn calories.
5) More Meals: Switch from three large meals to five small meals (about 300 calories each). Spreading your calorie intake throughout the day will maintain your sugar levels and will control the release of insulin than can cause your body to store more calories as fat.
6) Healthy Choices: Stock up your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator with healthy meal choices. Snacks high in fiber and lean protein will keep you feeling full between meals.
7) Plan for Success: Plan and schedule your exercise regime and select or create a weekly meal plan that works for you.

Hiromi Ashmore | Dancer & Instructor | Latinva Dance Fitness


Hiromi is a Latinva Dance Fitness instructor and a classical Japanese dancer. She enjoys every moment of Latinva and squeezes in her passion for dance within a busy schedule with her daughter Elena, one of the cast of the Emmy Award winning A&E “Born this Way”, a reality show featuring 7 young adults with Down Syndrome. It follows the lives of a diverse cast of stars as they work to overcome challenges and achieve various life goals. Season 3 will be aired in early 2017. Check out aetv.com/shows/born-this-way, or Facebook page “Born this Way on A&E”.
“Although I love spending time with Elena, sometimes it is exhausting dealing with her life. Latinva is like a therapy to me, always giving me freedom, energy and mental & physical health, so that I can shine just like my lovely Elena!!” said Hiromi.

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