Hiromi Ashmore | Dancer & Instructor | Latinva Dance Fitness

Hiromi is a Latinva Dance Fitness instructor and a classical Japanese dancer. She enjoys every moment of Latinva and squeezes in her passion for dance within a busy schedule with her daughter Elena, one of the cast of the Emmy Award winning A&E “Born this Way”, a reality show featuring 7 young adults with Down Syndrome. It follows the lives of a diverse cast of stars as they work to overcome challenges and achieve various life goals. Season 3 will be aired in early 2017. Check out aetv.com/shows/born-this-way, or Facebook page “Born this Way on A&E”.
“Although I love spending time with Elena, sometimes it is exhausting dealing with her life. Latinva is like a therapy to me, always giving me freedom, energy and mental & physical health, so that I can shine just like my lovely Elena!!” said Hiromi.

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