7 Reasons Eggs Are Golden


Eggs were getting a bad rap when it was believed that they contained too much cholesterol and were unhealthy. To the contrary, eggs are extremely nutritious and are really good for you. Here are seven reasons to include eggs in your diet.
1) Boost Metabolism:  Eggs are one of the best sources of choline. Choline facilitates the digestion of fat which is also important for memory and learning. Eating a high-protein diet has been shown to boost metabolism by up to 80 – 100 calories a day.
2) Easy to Prepare: Eggs are widely available and can be easily prepared within minutes.
3)  Nutritious:  Eggs contain about 7 grams of high-quality protein and are a great source of carotenoids, iron, minerals and vitamins.
4)  Low in Calories:  That’s right, it is true! A hard-boiled egg is about 78 calories.
5) Muscle Mass:  According to Applied, Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, diets in high-protein preserve muscle mass.
6)  Weight Loss:  The high-protein in eggs supports weight loss. Similar to other high protein diets, it moves slowly through the digestive tract, making you feel full longer and eating less.
7)  Versatile:  Eggs are delicious and so very versatile…you can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eggs are also very inexpensive and are easily accessible.  
There is no difference in nutrition, quality or value between a brown egg vs. a white egg. The Harvard School of Public Health reports that healthy individuals may eat one whole egg daily without worrying about increasing their risk of heart disease. Like everything else in life…do everything in moderation. Also, consult with your physician before changing your diet.

7 Healthy Travel Tips


We love to discover the world…it is in our DNA, but traveling can be stressful and sometimes detrimental to our health. Checkout our 7 healthy travel tips to make your journey even more amazing:
1) Physical Health: Incorporate an exercise routine in your travel itinerary. Keep it simple by selecting a hotel with a fitness center, obtain a temporary gym membership at a local center or take a brisk walk early mornings before you start your day. Some other recommendations:
– Walk everywhere and enjoy the city like the locals.
– Login to Latinva Videos On Demand and dance.
2)  Healthy Diet:  It is really easy to incorporate a healthy diet during your travels:
– Eat three small meals a day, do not forgo breakfast.
– Include vegetables in your meals, such as a salad for lunch and a small salad or vegetables with dinner.
– Include fruit in your diet, it is a great snack between meals and a great way to discover the local farmer’s markets.
– Avoid too much alcohol, you don’t want to disrupt your beauty sleep.
– Avoid sweet drinks altogether.
3)  Stay Hydrated: Don’t forget to take your favorite water bottle with you to stay hydrated.
4)  Stretch:  There is nothing like stretching and breathing exercises to relax your muscles…do so at least twice daily. Identify a 5-10 minutes routine in advance and incorporate into your itinerary.
5) Sleep Well:  Don’t underestimate the value of rest and a good night sleep. Make sure that you take plenty of rest, 7 – 8 hours of sleep would be ideal.
6)  Protect Your Body:  What should you do to protect your body while traveling?
– Pack your daily vitamins and supplements.
– Protect your skin by applying sunscreen with SPF 15 or more.
– Take your favorite pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.
7)  Sanitize:  Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes are essential to minimize your exposure to germs and bacteria, especially before meals.
For more information on safe traveling, check out the Survival Guide to Safe and Healthy Travel by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

7 Low Calorie Wines


It is all over the news…one glass of wine a day is good for us. Whether it is Red Wine, White Wine or Sparkling Wine, each has its own benefits:

Red Wine: Its heart-healthy active compounds have many beneficial effects on many different aspects related to heart disease.

White Wine: Its heart-healthy qualities prevent blood vessel damage as well as reduce LDL cholesterol.

Sparkling Wine: Champagne has the same healthy benefits as red wine, since bubbly is often made with both red and white grapes.

The key to drinking is to always do so in moderation…one glass of wine (5 ounces) per day. In general, red wine has more calories than white wine. Check out the numbers below:

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Since low-calorie wine is increasing in popularity, we did some research and decided to share with you some of the brands we uncovered. Although, Skinny Girl is the most popular, it did not make our list because it has a whopping 100 calories per glass compared to other brands:

1) Natureo Torres Muscat Wine (24 Calories): High quality white wine with an alcohol content of 0.5, Natureo Blanco is the first low calorie wine made in Spain.
2) Blossom Hill Vie (45 Calories): This white wine is light and fruity and provides a lower alcohol option.
3) Gallo Family Summer White (75 Calories): White wine with hints of apple, pear and citrus.
4) Weight Watchers Fruity White Wine (75 Calories): Smooth white wine with apple and pear flavors.
5) Lindemans Early Harvest Shiraz (80 Calories): This is a medium-bodied style of Shiraz with plum and blackcurrant flavors.
6) Blue Nun Medium White Wine (85 Calories): Blue Nun is Germany’s biggest export brand, this medium white wine has crisp apple and citrus characters.
7) Skinny Vine Thin Zin Wine (90 Calories): This wine has a blend of berries, honeydew, and citrus flavors.

Remember to always drink in moderation…Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

7 Health Benefits of Latinva Dance


When dancing, you are smiling and having a great time.  Did you know that there are also many health benefits to dancing other than just having a great time?  These benefits increase to an even higher level when you incorporate dance into a fitness program.  Below are the many health benefits of Latinva:
1) Balance:  Balancing in one position is easy.  However, balancing in the numerous types of positions in dancing is much more difficult.  This strengthens the stabilizer muscles, protects the core and makes the participants less prone to injury in their daily lives.  Latinva also aids in coordination and helps strengthen reflexes.  It is a great way to keep the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System in shape by improving the connection of the body and mind.
2)  Calorie Buster:  Latinva exercises the body to allow for increased circulation.  It helps burn calories, while improving stamina.  Depending on speed and intensity, it is estimated that:
– Dance burns anywhere from 600 to 800 calories per hour
– Dance Fitness burns up to 1,000 calories per hour
3)  Endurance:  Exercise increases endurance, and Latinva Dance Fitness is a physical dance exercise.  Endurance is the ability of muscles to work hard for increasingly longer periods of time without fatigue.  Other benefits include:
– Improves vascular health since it makes the heart pump blood faster and flow to the brain; which encourages direct focus and concentration.
– Increases lung capacity since dance is a vascular activity, which increases lungs overload.
– Aids in lipid control, which raises HDL (good cholesterol), and lowers LDL (bad cholesterol).
– Aids in blood sugar control, which is great for diabetes.
4)  Flexibility:  Most dance moves require bending and stretching, so simply by dancing, Latinva participants become more flexible. Latinva will safely lengthen and fortify the muscles to improve flexibility and increase strength and stamina.
5) Memory:  Latinva improves memory by teaching participants to recall steps, routines and dance patterns; making it a great mental exercise for the brain.  The significant benefit is that mental exercises keep the mind young, quick, alert and open.
6)  Strength:  Strength is the ability of a muscle to exert a force against resistance.  How does dance build strength?  Latinva builds strength simply by forcing the muscles to resist against one’s own body weight.  For example, Latin dance requires turning and spinning.  Turning and spinning require strength of the major leg muscles.  Other benefits:
– Enhances posture, balance and concentration, which can prevent falls.
– Strengthens bone density, which improves mobility.
– Builds muscles tones throughout the body, especially in the legs and buttocks.
– Keeps joints lubricated, which helps prevent arthritis.
7)  Well-Being:  Latinva is a physical activity, and physical activity is known to reduce stress and tension.  
BONUS:  You will impress everyone by the new dance moves that you learned with Latinva as you hit the dance floor…

7 Ways to Lose Weight After the Holidays


Are you ready to lose the extra pounds after the Holidays? Here are some tips on how to get back to track:
1) Realistic Goals: 1 to 2 pounds a week.
2) Drink Water: Don’t mistake thirst for hunger.
3) Splurge: Only one meal a week.
4) More & Less: Eat five times a day and smaller portions.
5) Don’t Surrender: Cravings only last about 10 minutes.
6) Healthy Meals: Look for nutritious low-calorie and low-fat alternatives.
7) Don’t Stress: Relax and dance!
Do you have any other tips on losing the extra pounds after the Holidays? Share them with us…
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7 Ways to Get Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays


Are you ready for preparing the Holiday meals? Here are some tips on how to reduce the anxiety of cooking and getting your kitchen ready for the Holidays:
1) Buy Spices: Make sure that your spice rack and your pantry are well stocked.
2) Clean Oven: Give your oven a good cleaning, you don’t want your oven smoking while cooking your turkey or baking.
3) Declutter Countertops: You will need a lot of counter space for preparing your meals, get rid of small appliances and items that you won’t be using.
4) Inventory Cookware: Make sure that all your cookware is clean and ready to be used.
5) Wash Dishes, Flatware, Glasses, and Linens: If you intend to use special Holiday dishes, flatware, glasses and linens, they might be a bit dusty, so give them a good wash.
6) Remove Old Food From Cabinets and Refrigerator: Get rid of old and expired food from cabinets and refrigerator to make room for new ingredients, meals and leftovers.
7) Stock Up on Supplies: Make sure that you have plenty of supplies, to include foil, detergent, garbage bags, food containers, storage plastic bags, etc.

Do you have any other tips for getting your kitchen ready for the upcoming festivities? Share them with us…

7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss This Fall


Don’t wait until January to start your weight loss regime, fall is the perfect time to jumpstart your weight loss and kickoff your metabolism. Here’s how to get started:
1) Muscle Up: Lift weights at least 3 times a week. Research shows that you can boost your metabolism by 8% simply with strength training.
2) Get Your Heart Rate Up: The Target Heart Rate Zone (65-85% of Maximum Heart Rate) is recommended for weight loss.
3) Mix Up Your Workout: Diversify your workout, change one move or segment from your workout routine at least weekly.
4) Stay Hydrated: Make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Drink cold water to avoid overeating and to burn calories.
5) More Meals: Switch from three large meals to five small meals (about 300 calories each). Spreading your calorie intake throughout the day will maintain your sugar levels and will control the release of insulin than can cause your body to store more calories as fat.
6) Healthy Choices: Stock up your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator with healthy meal choices. Snacks high in fiber and lean protein will keep you feeling full between meals.
7) Plan for Success: Plan and schedule your exercise regime and select or create a weekly meal plan that works for you.

7 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


It is that wonderful time of the year again…the Holidays! This special time of the year where you spend memorable moments with family and friends, celebrate the New Year and enjoy an abundance of delicious food and desert. There are parties and dinners to attend and overindulgence on food at these events might cause you to gain a pound or two by year-end! Year after year the extra couple of pounds keep adding up without you even realizing it.

Here are some tips to continue to have an amazing time at these parties and dinners without gaining a pound:

1) Prepare Reduced Calorie Food: Give your traditional foods a makeover by preparing reduced calorie versions of the traditional foods. You can even mix it up and serve some low calorie non-traditional foods.

2) Avoid Skipping Meals: Eat your breakfast and make sure that you don’t skip a meal before dinner. If you are going to a party and feeling hungry, have a low-calorie nutritious snack before you go to help curb your appetite.

3) Exercise: Get your workout in the morning and stay active during the day. Talk a walk before and after meals, if possible.

4) Drink Plenty of Water: Make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Have a drink of water before dinner, especially if you are hungry.

5) Eat Smaller Portions: Don’t deprive yourself of your favorites, just eat smaller portions and make sure that you skip a second serving. Use the smallest plate available and don’t stack your food.

6) Chew Slowly: Chew slowly and spend more time chatting with your family and friends. The more air you swallow between bites, the more full you will feel.

7) Get Plenty of Sleep: Stick to your normal sleep routine around the Holidays regardless of how busy you are. Recent studies show that sleep deprivation appears to increase the likelihood of weight gain.

The Holidays are about celebrating with family and friends and creating wonderful memories. Enjoy the Holidays as you spend time with your loved ones…

7 Ways to Ward Off the Flu


The cold and flu season has arrived. It is time to start building up your body’s natural defenses. Usually referred to as the flu, influenza is a highly infectious respiratory disease. When the virus is inhaled, it attacks cells in the upper respiratory tract, causing typical flu symptoms such as fatigue, fever and chills, a hacking cough, and body aches.

Flu Season: The U.S. flu season usually occurs between October and April. During each year’s flu season, millions of people about 5% to 20% of the country’s residents, contract the disease.

Risk: The flu is easily spread through personal contact. People with impaired immune systems, chronic medical problems, or those who are elderly are more susceptible to contracting the flu. Infection occurs when you are exposed to the upper respiratory fluids (droplets from coughing or sneezing, for example) of an infected person.

Symptoms: Typical flu symptoms tend to start very suddenly and can include chills, fever, muscle aches, cough, headache, fatigue, sweating, watery eyes and a sore throat. Symptoms usually last between three and five days and improve gradually after the first 48 hours. Occasionally, the flu can progress to pneumonia, either caused by the virus itself or by a secondary bacterial infection.

Treatment: Treatment includes getting rest, drinking liquids and taking acetaminophen for pain and fever. Avoid aspirin when you have the flu, since a link has been shown between the use of aspirin during the flu and the development of Reye’s Syndrome, which involves failure of the liver and brain swelling. Reye’s Syndrome usually occurs in children and adolescents, and in rare cases, adults.

Flu Shots: Flu Shots have been shown to be 80 percent effective in preventing influenza, and very few people experience side effects. However, people who are allergic to eggs should not get a flu shot.


1) Eat a Balanced Diet: Your diet should contain whole grain, fruits and vegetables. Cook with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial herbs and spices such as cumin and garlic. Homemade chicken soup is a favorite cure of cold symptoms.

2) Exercise: Light exercise can actually boost your immune system.

3) Get Enough Sleep: A good night sleep will build up your immune system.

4) Reduce stress: Try to reduce your stress to boost your immune system.

5) Stay hydrated: Don’t forget to stay hydrated, drink plenty of juice, tea or water. Hot ginger spiced tea, hot honey cayenne tea, hot honey chamomile tea, hot lemon tea, etc.

6) Take Multivitamins: Take your multivitamins to enhance your immune system.

7) Wash Your Hands: Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.

Do you have any other tips or family remedies to fend off the cold and flu? Share them with us…

7 Tips for Kicking the Junk Food Habit


Let’s face it, junk food can be addictive and it is simply not good for you. There is the fat, salt, sugar and refined carbs. You can kick the junk food habit by following these simple tips:

1) Eating Out

Avoid fast food, fried food, refined carbs and say “No” to dessert.

2) Emotions

At some point, we all feel anxious, bored, lonely or stressed. Don’t let your emotions take over. Stop and think about why you are reaching out for the bag of potato chips, are you really hungry? If you do this often enough, you will break the cycle of letting your emotions overrule unhealthy eating habits.

3) Exercise

Keep your mind off of your cravings for junk food by exercising. The Latinva Dance Fitness DVDs or Latinva-On-Demand videos are a fun distraction. After you are done, you will forget all about your cravings.

4) Rewards

Instead of celebrating by going out to dinner, reward yourself with a massage.

5) Shopping List

Do not add junk food to your shopping list. Stock up on fresh fruits, dried fruit, unsalted nuts and vegetables.

6) Sleep

If you are sleep deprived, it affects your judgment. You should average about eight hours of sleep.

7) Snacks

Get rid of all the unhealthy snacks at home and at work. Snack on non-fat yogurt, small bags of unsalted nuts, fruits or vegetables. Make sure that you have a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon to control your cravings.

Read the calories per serving on packages before you take the first bite…counting calories matters. This should stop you from taking the first bite. You can do this!

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