7 Low Calorie Wines

It is all over the news…one glass of wine a day is good for us. Whether it is Red Wine, White Wine or Sparkling Wine, each has its own benefits:

Red Wine: Its heart-healthy active compounds have many beneficial effects on many different aspects related to heart disease.

White Wine: Its heart-healthy qualities prevent blood vessel damage as well as reduce LDL cholesterol.

Sparkling Wine: Champagne has the same healthy benefits as red wine, since bubbly is often made with both red and white grapes.

The key to drinking is to always do so in moderation…one glass of wine (5 ounces) per day. In general, red wine has more calories than white wine. Check out the numbers below:

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Since low-calorie wine is increasing in popularity, we did some research and decided to share with you some of the brands we uncovered. Although, Skinny Girl is the most popular, it did not make our list because it has a whopping 100 calories per glass compared to other brands:

1) Natureo Torres Muscat Wine (24 Calories): High quality white wine with an alcohol content of 0.5, Natureo Blanco is the first low calorie wine made in Spain.
2) Blossom Hill Vie (45 Calories): This white wine is light and fruity and provides a lower alcohol option.
3) Gallo Family Summer White (75 Calories): White wine with hints of apple, pear and citrus.
4) Weight Watchers Fruity White Wine (75 Calories): Smooth white wine with apple and pear flavors.
5) Lindemans Early Harvest Shiraz (80 Calories): This is a medium-bodied style of Shiraz with plum and blackcurrant flavors.
6) Blue Nun Medium White Wine (85 Calories): Blue Nun is Germany’s biggest export brand, this medium white wine has crisp apple and citrus characters.
7) Skinny Vine Thin Zin Wine (90 Calories): This wine has a blend of berries, honeydew, and citrus flavors.

Remember to always drink in moderation…Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

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