7 Tips for Kicking the Junk Food Habit

Let’s face it, junk food can be addictive and it is simply not good for you. There is the fat, salt, sugar and refined carbs. You can kick the junk food habit by following these simple tips:

1) Eating Out

Avoid fast food, fried food, refined carbs and say “No” to dessert.

2) Emotions

At some point, we all feel anxious, bored, lonely or stressed. Don’t let your emotions take over. Stop and think about why you are reaching out for the bag of potato chips, are you really hungry? If you do this often enough, you will break the cycle of letting your emotions overrule unhealthy eating habits.

3) Exercise

Keep your mind off of your cravings for junk food by exercising. The Latinva Dance Fitness DVDs or Latinva-On-Demand videos are a fun distraction. After you are done, you will forget all about your cravings.

4) Rewards

Instead of celebrating by going out to dinner, reward yourself with a massage.

5) Shopping List

Do not add junk food to your shopping list. Stock up on fresh fruits, dried fruit, unsalted nuts and vegetables.

6) Sleep

If you are sleep deprived, it affects your judgment. You should average about eight hours of sleep.

7) Snacks

Get rid of all the unhealthy snacks at home and at work. Snack on non-fat yogurt, small bags of unsalted nuts, fruits or vegetables. Make sure that you have a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon to control your cravings.

Read the calories per serving on packages before you take the first bite…counting calories matters. This should stop you from taking the first bite. You can do this!

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