7 Health Benefits of Latinva Dance

When dancing, you are smiling and having a great time.  Did you know that there are also many health benefits to dancing other than just having a great time?  These benefits increase to an even higher level when you incorporate dance into a fitness program.  Below are the many health benefits of Latinva:
1) Balance:  Balancing in one position is easy.  However, balancing in the numerous types of positions in dancing is much more difficult.  This strengthens the stabilizer muscles, protects the core and makes the participants less prone to injury in their daily lives.  Latinva also aids in coordination and helps strengthen reflexes.  It is a great way to keep the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System in shape by improving the connection of the body and mind.
2)  Calorie Buster:  Latinva exercises the body to allow for increased circulation.  It helps burn calories, while improving stamina.  Depending on speed and intensity, it is estimated that:
– Dance burns anywhere from 600 to 800 calories per hour
– Dance Fitness burns up to 1,000 calories per hour
3)  Endurance:  Exercise increases endurance, and Latinva Dance Fitness is a physical dance exercise.  Endurance is the ability of muscles to work hard for increasingly longer periods of time without fatigue.  Other benefits include:
– Improves vascular health since it makes the heart pump blood faster and flow to the brain; which encourages direct focus and concentration.
– Increases lung capacity since dance is a vascular activity, which increases lungs overload.
– Aids in lipid control, which raises HDL (good cholesterol), and lowers LDL (bad cholesterol).
– Aids in blood sugar control, which is great for diabetes.
4)  Flexibility:  Most dance moves require bending and stretching, so simply by dancing, Latinva participants become more flexible. Latinva will safely lengthen and fortify the muscles to improve flexibility and increase strength and stamina.
5) Memory:  Latinva improves memory by teaching participants to recall steps, routines and dance patterns; making it a great mental exercise for the brain.  The significant benefit is that mental exercises keep the mind young, quick, alert and open.
6)  Strength:  Strength is the ability of a muscle to exert a force against resistance.  How does dance build strength?  Latinva builds strength simply by forcing the muscles to resist against one’s own body weight.  For example, Latin dance requires turning and spinning.  Turning and spinning require strength of the major leg muscles.  Other benefits:
– Enhances posture, balance and concentration, which can prevent falls.
– Strengthens bone density, which improves mobility.
– Builds muscles tones throughout the body, especially in the legs and buttocks.
– Keeps joints lubricated, which helps prevent arthritis.
7)  Well-Being:  Latinva is a physical activity, and physical activity is known to reduce stress and tension.  
BONUS:  You will impress everyone by the new dance moves that you learned with Latinva as you hit the dance floor…

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